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Business Challenges

ComputerCare understand the challenges, hurdles and trials that businesses like yours face. We also know that you can boost your revenue, improve efficiency and reduce risk by optimising your IT systems.

What about the future? As well as addressing current issues, ComputerCare will work with you on forward-looking and innovative solutions that will future-proof your organisation.

ComputerCare’s aim is to help you:

  • Develop and grow

  • Reduce costs and improve productivity

  • Achieve smoother operations

  • Gain a greater share of the market

  • Be more efficient

  • Look at your competition and identify how to sharpen your edge

We want you to be secure in the knowledge that you can always rely on ComputerCare in the best and worst of situations (we know that sometimes crises can occur).

Why not have an initial (free, of course) chat with us about your own business challenges? Call our Support Centre or Wayne on 0800 600 606 or email us at support@computercare.co.nz.



Business Growth

Is one of your strategic objectives to grow your business over the next 3 - 5 years? Technology solutions exist to address challenges in every area of business. Technology in the form of cloud based CRMs and marketing solutions can directly impact revenue. Technology solutions also exist to improve processes in finance, HR, operations, etc. all of which impacts growth.


Improving Efficiency

Are higher margins important to you? One way of achieving this is to increase revenue per sale. Another way, which usually gets ignored, is to increase efficiency. Achieve the same output with less work, or achieve a greater output with the same work.

Business Continuity

Data is critical to the running of your business. You couldn't work without it and, for most organisations, its loss would be a disaster. As data is one of the most important things in a business it makes sense to house it within technology that ensures fast and easy access, utmost security, and the ability to easily recover it if something goes wrong.