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Security Alert

Over the weekend a new Ransomware variant was released. This has hit many businesses hard, crippling the UK’s National Health Service. Although Ransomware is not new, this new “WannaCry” variant is a significant upgrade on previous versions. Over the weekend ComputerCare has taken steps to improve our detection mechanisms and minimise the risk to our OneCare & TotalCare customers. No security response is a guaranteed fix however, so please take the time to remind yourself and your staff of the steps you can take to help ensure you remain safe.

Windows Patches

If you are not on a OneCare or TotalCare agreement, ensure you are managing your Windows Updates. Most attacks target unpatched desktop and laptop computers. Ensuring these are patched significantly reduces your risk.

WINDOWS XP The security vulnerability that WannaCry exploits has not been patched in Windows XP or Windows 2003, this makes it more susceptible to an infection. If you still have Windows XP or Windows 2003 computers on your network, then take steps to isolate or remove these.

E-Mail Security Best Practice

Do not open attachments in e-mails unless you are 100% sure of the source. More importantly DO NOT follow links in e-mails that you have not verified. Ransomware infections most often come from following links in e-mails, often these e-mails look legitimate or come from people you know.

Password Best Practice

Some other recent Ransomware variants are targeting weak passwords. If you do not have a strong password policy on your network, then talk to us about it right away.

Monitor & Test Your Backups

If your network is infected the most effective recovery mechanism is to restore from your most recent backup. Ensure your backups are functional and are tested regularly, it is also critical a copy of your backup is taken offsite daily.

Staff Training

Staff are your best line of defence against an infection. Talk to your staff about security, ensure security is an open and frank conversation and is kept at the front of your staff’s thoughts. Don’t let security issues remain in the dark within your organisation.

If You’re Infected

If you believe your computer is infected, then turn it off IMMEDIATELY. The longer an infected computer is on the network the more damage the virus will do. The faster the infection is isolated, the faster we can get your network back up and running. If you have any questions or concerns about your security, please give us a call and talk to us about it. We’re always happy to discuss your concerns and how they can be reduced.

The ComputerCare Team

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