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In a world where collaboration is how work gets done, teams need workspaces and tools they’re comfortable using. Teams is Microsoft’s new chat-based communication and collaboration for business. Teams integrates Office apps and services that you use every day with Microsoft. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, the new Planner task management app, Stream video portal, even Power BI are all built-in, so you have the information and tools you need right within the context of Microsoft Teams.



Chat, calls, meetings within your team and across organizational boundaries. Teams is the hub for teamwork in and provides a shared workspace in which teams inside and outside of an organization. Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know. The communications capabilities within Teams, including voice and video experiences powered by Skype. You can chat, call and have meetings with everyone on your team, whether they’re inside your organization or an outside partner.

Teams offers a complete meeting solution supporting sharing, video and audio conferencing. This will enable you to transform an ordinary meeting into modern meeting in the following ways:

  • Before a meeting- team members can share and review information and conversation history on the

    subject matter, without having to leave Teams.

  • During a meeting: team members can share their desktop, meeting attachments or a PowerPoint deck.

  • The meeting can take place in either audio conferencing or video and can be recorded.

  • After a meeting: team members can review recorded meetings and view previous meeting details in conversation history, giving them complete context.=


teams_chat_calls_and_meetings  PRODUCTIVITY


With Teams, you have more time for productivity. Your team members do not have to toggle between different apps. The Office apps and services that you use every day - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, even Power BI - are all built-in, so people have the information and tools they need right within the context of Teams.

  • Conversations, files and tools live in a team workspace.

  • Co-author and edit with Office and other files right in the app.

  • Integrated with Skype, SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI and Planner.

  • Search across people, files and chats with intelligence from Microsoft Graph.

  • Email integration to keep the whole team in the loop.

teams_customizable_extensions_icon  CUSTOMIZABLE AND EXTENSIBLE

Every group is unique, you can tailor your workspace to include apps and services for the team and your company.

  • Pin important files for easy reference in the workspace.

  • Add bots that work on a team’s behalf.

  • Integrate cloud services, explore data and get updates from the apps your team uses every day.

  • Use other apps and programs outside of Microsoft allowing integrations to your existing business process.

  • Use the Teams developer platform to build integrations to existing business process.

  • Manage trusted apps for employees and the organization.

lets_chat_icon_orange  LET'S CHAT

Today’s workplace is consistent and growing, the need to communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know. Great ideas often start small, among a few people. With Teams, your team is able to communicate freely and scale up/down as needed. At ComputerCare we can help you integrate Teams into your work place, and help you choose the right tools to optimize collaboration and productivity. 

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