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We realise that it might not be clear on what you get with an Office 365 subscription, or how best to use the tools throughout your business.  As Microsoft resellers we see the continuous growth of Office 365 and to help you better understand what Office 365 has to offer, we’ve put together a guide with some of the products that we feel can be beneficial to your business.


SharePoint_Small Icon.png   SHAREPOINT

SharePoint is a collaboration platform that is used to build intranets and collaboration team sites that allow you to share files, data, news and resources within a customised site for your business.



Teams Icon_small.png   TEAMS

Teams is a new chat-based communication and collaboration application for business’s that allow you to integrate Office apps as well as third-party applications such as websites, SurveyMonkey and Smart Sheets. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Planner, Stream video portal, even Power BI are all built into Teams, giving you have the information and tools you need all within one application.



powerbi Icon_small.png   POWER BI

Power BI is a business analytics tool that delivers insights throughout your business allowing your team to visualize and analyze data with greater speed and efficiency. It connects to data from broad range applications such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Xero and even Excel.



onedrive Icon_small.png   ONEDRIVE 

OneDrive is a cloud storage service for individual’s data. You can secure all your files in one place, share them and have access them from anywhere on any device.



Power Apps Icon_small.png   POWER APPS

Power Apps pulls data from various sources such as SharePoint and OneDrive allowing you to design and build custom mobile apps for your business.



PLANNER Icon_small.png   PLANNER

Planner is a card-based task manager application which allows you to easily organise your tasks allowing you to create new plans, build a team, assign tasks and update status.



Flow Icon_small.png  FLOW

Flow allows you to integrate cloud-based apps and services, they interact with each other seamlessly automating repetitive tasks into multistep personal workflows. If you have a process that you’d like to automate but Flow doesn’t have an existing template, you can create your own flow from scratch.



yammer_ Icon_small.png   YAMMER

Yammer is a social networking tool for your business. It provides a platform for you and your staff to have open conversations by creating threaded conversations.



outlook Icon_small.png   OUTLOOK 

Outlook is Microsoft’s web-based email service.



staffhub Icon_small.png   STAFFHUB

StaffHub is designed for companies whose employees are on the go, such as warehouse staff, baristas, truck drivers and so on. You can create and manage work shifts, share files and communicate important information with team members.



bookings Icon_small.png   BOOKINGS

Bookings is an amazing tool for small businesses that rely on appointments with their customers. The online bookings calendar integrates into your website giving your customers and employees access and flexibility to schedule and manage their appointments, helping you to avoid the nightmare of trying to juggle everyone’s schedule and double bookings.


If you have an Office 365 subscription, the chances are that you have access to most of these products. Now that you have a bit of an overview of what you can get in Office 365, tell us what you think.


Wanting to know more? We're holding a Office 365 Discovery Seminar on the 19 June 2018, where we'll dive into the essential products Office 365 has to offer.

Follow the link 'Office 365 Discovery'




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