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Use technology as a business enabler


Technology holds such promise for businesses, but how often do you find IT standing in the way instead of enabling your businesses success?

At our finger tips, we have powerful machines and software that open up myriad possibilities for new ways of working.

So why does it sometimes feel like they don’t deliver for the business? Simply having new technology does not translate into more productive workplaces or increased sales.

Artificial Intelligence may be exceptionally smart, but it cannot replace human planning and leadership.

Unlocking technology as a business enabler needs a business-led and solution-focused approach.

Just like any business tool, the benefits of technology must be leveraged through strategy and planning firmly tied to concrete goals and targeted key performance indicators in order to gauge success.

Devising the right technology strategy starts with a seat for IT professionals at the planning table; but that seat needs to be earned, which highlights how important it is for today’s IT professionals to have business and technical skills.

IT leaders must understand the marketplace for business technology, be able to advise on the right option to alleviate pain points within the organisation, and then devise a plan for the implementation.

If your team is struggling to collaborate due to incompatible software, a misfiring network, and outdated hardware, a business owner can consider implementing new software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools to facilitate document sharing, quick messaging, and group video calls.

But even if every employee has a new HP Elite notebook, a fast internet connection, and the latest collaborative technology does not mean they will utilise the power.

That’s why enabling business success through technology also comes down to leadership; your team need to be brought on board with new processes so that they are effectively using the technology at their disposal.

Training is key – people can’t be expected to fully exploit new systems if they do not understand them. It’s clear that enabling business success through technology runs deeper than installing new hardware and software.

Strategic investments in new technology closely tied with business objectives and targeted solutions will create a more efficient business and provide it a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The benefit of business technology is not measured by the number of individual devices or the size of a hard drive – it’s the way they are used facilitate a seamless work environment for your team, and the way it creates frictionless selling environment for your customers.

Not every business has the human resources at their disposal to successfully implement a transformative information technology system though.

Computercare is a leading IT solutions provider that has successfully worked with businesses in New Zealand to advise on and implement new systems that enable business growth.

It can work with management to identify how new technology can alleviate bottlenecks and pain points that are holding businesses back from their next stage of growth, and then devise a strategy to ensure the business has the framework in place for the technology to deliver on its promise.


Call Computercare today on 0800 600 606 or visit www.computercare.co.nz.

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